Is the Money Flowing How You’d Hope?

Announcing: An Intensive Four-Session Group Tele-Course

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One of the most consistent struggles I see smart, heart-centered people face is the money running out faster than it comes in and feeling like they don’t have enough money. It just never feels like you have breathing room.

To combat this problem, most people try two approaches. First approach: work harder and harder to get ahead. The second approach: figure out your abundance blocks, remove those blocks, and hope for a breakthrough.

Neither approach works. Here’s why…

The first approach says, “I need to take action and make it happen–it’s under my control.” Burn out and exhaustion are common with this approach. You also feel like that you never get ahead no matter how hard you work. You may have money one month, but the feast turns into famine the next month.

The second approach says, “I need to learn how to receive more.” With this approach it’s easy to fall into a passive relationship with money. You visualize your new reality; you remove limiting beliefs. Then, you rely on the Universe to send money your way. You feel free, open, and connected, but making ends meet is tough. You often wonder, “Where does all the money go?”

Plenty of Airspace, Not Enough Attention

Money is ingrained in almost everything we do: our actions, relationships, conversations, and what we can and cannot do. It’s almost like money is taking over the world. We work and take action for money (first approach); we learn how to receive more for money (second approach). You see…it’s all about money.

There’s plenty of airspace, but what’s missing is giving your relationship to money heart-centered attention.

The key to unlocking freedom and relief in your finances, and having it flow in abundance, is to attend to your relationship with money because attention = love. A simple metaphor to prove this is in this question: What happens when you don’t give quality attention to your family? Will you have a healthy or unhealthy relationship?

Same is true with money. With a loving, healthy relationship with your finances, you have solid ground to stand on and grow. You feel safe in world and have the clarity to make the right decisions and actions for financial abundance.

I want to help you create a new financial reality from a place of love. This way, more money comes in, rather than flows out. I’m doing this by hosting a live group course that is 4-sessions over 4-weeks in a teleconference format so you can attend from anywhere in the world.

The price for this is just a total of $277. You get my support and the energy of the group to change your money story and financial reality.

The live group tele-course is on four Tuesday evenings: December 2nd, 9th, 16th, and 30th. I hope you can attend. If you’d like to know more, visit the link below and read about how the course works and what you’ll get:

Click Here for the Money Flow Group Course Details.

Take care,
Nick Pfennigwerth

p.s. Each session is 90 minutes long and will be recorded in case something comes up and you miss a session. You also receive plenty of personal support for your situation.

p.p.s There are only six spots available and we start soon. I can only support so many people at a time and my limit for this program is six people. Take time in your heart, but please decide soon. Here’s the link again to Money Flow.