Why You Feel That You’ll Never Have Enough Money? (And How to Fix it)

Why You Feel That You'll Never Have Enough Money
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Your money is an important relationship to take care of. But for most of us, it’s a painful situation. Every time you think about looking at your bank balance, and seeing what the truth to your financial situation is, the “gitchy-wah-wah” kicks in. You know…gitchy-wah-wah…the sinking feeling in your belly when it’s time to deal with your finances.

You don’t need your bank balance to tell your financial position. You know the money is running out faster than it comes in. There’s the anxiety and fear of not having enough, too. This is how I used to feel when paying for my groceries. I’d spend two hours too long picking out food and penny-pinching because I felt like I did not have enough money. When I got to the cash register, I got all gitchy-wah-wah and freaked out on the inside.

I tell the story of my wife avoiding her laundry and the direct relationship with not having enough money. When she learned how to make peace with the avoidance, she applied that to her financial situation, too, and made a huge difference in her relationship with money.

Most people try to work through the overwhelm and avoidance of dealing with their relationship to money by keeping their head down and plowing through the situation. The hope is that a breakthrough is waiting on the other side, and magically the situation will fix itself.

However, that rarely works, and if you keep wishing for a fix, you will dig yourself deeper in the hole.

How Do You Dig Yourself Out?

Spaciousness is the agent for change and motivation. [Share This]

Pushing causes resistance. The more you resist, the more you’ll avoid your financial situation. But when you bring truth to your situation, and clear your heart from the stuck emotions, you find the spaciousness and aliveness to clearly see what you need to do and you have the strength to do it.

Spaciousness is the agent for change and motivation–that’s the solution.

This podcast teaches you how to bring in spaciousness so you easily move out the overwhelm and avoidance, and begin to take right action towards a healthy relationship with your money.

I teach three steps that you need to do and give plenty of stories and examples to make the steps fun and doable.

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