Now You Can Make a Healthy Profit and a Real Difference

As a small business owner, you show up everyday because you have a real love and passion for what you do. You also want to make a difference in the world; and, ya…it would be nice to make a profit, too.

But it’s not easy running a business.

The to-do list seems endless, and the swirling number of details are overwhelming, too. This makes you feel like it’s hard to breathe because so much is at stake: you need to make a profit and you need to make a difference in the world.

There are some months that you do okay in your business, but most months are a famine of clients and money. Then all of a sudden the money you had starts running out, you don’t know when the next paycheck is coming in, and the 3 a.m. money worries keep you up at night.

You Are Not Alone.

Countless small business owners fear that their business and life will unravel; you may feel the same way and experience a lot of pressure, a lot of overwhelm, and not enough quality and balance.

A real, profitable business, while having plenty of whitespace on the calendar for the other joys of your life, is possible. You have come to the right place.

You can definitely have business success and make a positive difference in the world. You can live a meaningful, balanced life and make money, too.

Are You Ready to Dig In?

Hi! I’m Nick Pfennigwerth, founder of Big Heart Small Business and author of Opening the Flow of Money. I have helped thousands of people and business owners create a breakthrough with their income while also creating a meaningful, purposeful livelihood.

I know we are just getting to know each other, so in spirit of our new relationship I want to get you started to the path of profitability and nourishment in your livelihood.

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